Articulated Ghost Dragon


Articulated Ghost Dragon $24.00
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This 3d printed articulated dragon toy is the perfect gift for any fan of fantasy and dragons. This cute dragon toy is sure to wow any recipient!

This super detailed dragon is artiuclated in multiple places, making it highly posable. The dragon is made from durable 3d printed plastic, perfect for long-term play or display. Its vibrant colors add a level of realism to the dragon’s appearance.

The dragon is the perfect size for both kids and adults, measuring in at 6.5″ tall and 4.2″ wide. It has an impressive wingspan of 10″ long, making it look like it could take off and soar away.

This whimsical dragon will look great in any room, from a child’s bedroom to a man-cave. Its vibrant colors will brighten up any space, and its highly articulated design will bring it to life.

With this articulated dragon toy, you’re getting a piece of art that looks like it could come alive in your hands. Its fantastic design is sure to make it a treasured part of your collections. So don’t miss out on owning a piece of fantasy, order this 3d printed articulated dragon today!