Chinese Dragon articulating toy


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Let your imagination soar with this grandiose 3d printed Chinese Dragon Toy. No matter what age you are, this dragon is sure to dazzle and excite and bring you back to the time of Chinese myth and legend.

The first thing that will stand out about this exquisite dragon is its size. Standing at nearly nine inches long with a wingspan of almost 10 inches, this dragon will tower above the rest and make a statement. The 3d printed design ensures that this dragon has intricate details that you can see and feel: from the curved horns to its scaled body, nothing about this creature is rushed or sloppy.

But this dragon is more than just a great look: it’s interactive and fun too! Each part of the dragon is mobile, from the wings to the tail, enabling you to transform the creature into any pose you choose. Once you’ve found the perfect position, you’ll be able to show off your dragon to friends and family.

Plus, the dragon is made out of a non-toxic and environmentally friendly plastic to ensure that it is safe for children and all other ages. This means that you can give your little one a piece of history that they can cherish and pass down through generations.

Turn your dreams into a reality and purchase this incredible 3d printed Chinese Dragon Toy today! It’s perfect for every collector and toy enthusiast who is looking recreate the mythical wonder of the past.


30cm in size