Dagger Dice Roller


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This sword-shaped 3D printed dice roller is the perfect accompaniment to any tabletop adventure. Crafted with precise detail, and a sleek design, this majestic sword-shaped dice roller is sure to bring a unique twist to your gaming experience.

Its unique ergonomic shape allows for comfortable rolling action, making it a great addition to any games night. Its durable 3D printed construction ensures it will stand the test of time and its compact size makes it easy to store and transport.

Whether you’re rolling for battle in the open plains or playing a game of chance in the tavern, let this 3D printed sword dice roller be your companion. Use its power to unleash untold possibilities, just like a sword – except with dice instead of blades.

Our sword dice roller is a great conversation starter and a magnificent addition to any collection. Unleash its potential at your next game night and roll for success! Purchase yours today and enjoy the thrill of rolling with this unique 3D printed sword dice roller.