Faux Taxidermy Shark Wall Mount


Faux Taxidermy Shark Wall Mount $67.00
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Our unique Sharks Head Headphone Stand Bust is perfect for any audiophile who takes their audio setup seriously. Handcrafted with a 3D printed design, this headphone stand bust is an alluring piece of decor, perfect for showing off your favourite cans. Not only does it look great and evoke a sense of style, but its incredibly sturdy and won’t take up much space, making it ideal for any desk setup.

This headphone stand bust is made with a combination of ABS and PLA plastic with a glossy surface finish. The intricate detail that makes this product so special is what sets it apart from the rest – you’ll literally have a shark head as a stand for your headphones. What could be cooler than that? We guarantee that you’ll be the talk of your friends as soon as they come round and see it!

The Sharks Head Headphone Stand Bust is easy and quick to assemble – no tools required. Simply snap the parts together and then you’re good to go! This piece has been designed to keep your headphones secure and in place – no more struggling to find where you put them last. With a modern, stylish look and feel, this headphone stand will make sure your headphones are always within arm’s reach.

Show off your unique taste in style with this Sharks Head Headphone Stand Bust. Its 3D printed design and eye-catching finish are sure to take your audio setup to the next level. Get yours today and enjoy listening to your favourite music in style.