Kracken dice tower


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For tabletop gamers, there’s nothing like the thrill and excitement of rolling a perfectly balanced set of dice. Now, with this Kracken Dice Tower 3D Printed from our shop, you can take your die-rolling experience to a whole new level! Constructed using advanced 3D printing technology and made of durable ABS plastic, this handcrafted piece will add an element of fun and professional look to your gaming table. The tower features an intricate design that accurately mimics the shape of a giant sea creature, and its eye-catching colors are sure to draw some attention when on display. And when it’s time to roll the dice, just drop them into the top of the tower, and they will come tumbling out of the bottom in a spectacular fashion. With its unique design and size, the Kracken Dice Tower 3D Printed is sure to be the centerpiece of your gaming table and become the envy of all your friends! Get yours today and upgrade your gaming experience with this one-of-a-kind piece.