Crystal Mushroom Dice Tower – Dragon Holder


Crystal Mushroom Dice Tower - Dragon Holder $54.00
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This Mushroom Dice Tower is the perfect decorative and functional accessory for any tabletop gaming enthusiast! These 3d printed dice towers are incredibly detailed and exude a unique and natural look, with intricate patterns and designs that evoke the beauty of the forest! The core of this dice tower is a single mushroom stem which has been intricately carved to ensure the smooth and consistent release of your dice.

The top of the tower is equipped with a catch tray, allowing your dice to rest comfortably after each roll and creating a perfect atmosphere for each game. Each of these towers is finished with an extremely durable and long-lasting paint job, ensuring that your Mushroom Dice Tower will be able to provide years of gaming adventure.

This tower is also incredibly lightweight and easy to transport, making it the perfect gaming accessory to take anywhere! With its unique and captivating design, the Mushroom Dice Tower is sure to bring a little bit of nature and adventure to your next gaming session. Don’t miss out on your chance to get the perfect addition to your tabletop gaming experience. Get your own 3d printed Mushroom Dice Tower today and let the adventure begin!

Huge 25cm