Spike articulated dragon


Spike articulated dragon $39.00
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with spikes along its body

If you’ve been searching for a stunning centerpiece to complete the perfect dragon-themed decor, look no further! This limited edition 3D printed sparkle purple spike dragon is an absolute must-have. With its incredible length and signature spikes, this will be sure to draw attention in any room.

The finely crafted details of this dragon are sure to delight any dragon enthusiast. From its vibrant purple colour and sparkly finish to its majestic horns and sharp claws, you can rest assured that all eyes will be on this masterpiece. The impressively long form of the dragon makes for a truly unique and realistic display, and its carefully sculpted body ensures it looks as high-quality as it is fashionable.

This 3D printed spike dragon is the perfect conversation starter for any dragon fan, and adds a touch of magic to any living space. Its timeless design is so captivating that you’ll be glad you added it to your decor. It’s also a great gift for any dragon lover and offers an excellent way to show someone you care. Don’t miss out on this rare limited edition one of a kind piece – grab yours while supplies last!